Citizenship of Canada

You can become a Canadian citizen in a few ways. For example, you can be a Canadian citizen without applying to be one if you were born in Canada, received Canadian citizenship as a minor or became a citizen because of changes to the Citizenship Act. To prove you are a Canadian citizen, you need to have a verification certificate from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada called proof of Canadian citizenship.

Also, you can become a naturalized Canadian citizen if you go through a formal process. In this case, there are certain requirements for the applicant who wishes to become a Canadian citizen, and usually, this person needs to become a permanent resident first.

Before you start this formal process of Citizenship and submit the application, the eligibility to become a Canadian citizen needs to be assured. The application process includes the preparation and submission of the immigration forms for the citizenship application. Also, all the required documents, including but not only the proof of compliance with the residency obligation and the proof of your language skills in English or French need to be submitted with an application (some exemptions apply). Once the application is submitted and processed, the applicant (with some exemptions) will be invited for the citizenship test and an interview and after that for the Oath of citizenship and ceremony.

Our legal team will be glad to assist you with this process. We can check your eligibility to become a Canadian citizen and assist you with the application process.


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