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Sponsorship of Loved Ones

To sponsor a loved one from another country may become unnecessarily complicated without professional and individually approached legal help.

A crucial aspect of the application is being able to prove the genuine nature of your relationship. One should consider the use of solid evidence and material property to prove the authenticity of your relationship. Examples of such evidence may be receipts for presents, phone call logs, driver’s licenses, bills and often more. The concept of the couple’s love story must essentially be communicated to the immigration officer in a coherent way and this why having such pieces of evidence is essential.

All the information must be trustworthy and correctly expressed because whether unintentional or not, discrepancies can often occur. Background information should be thoroughly completed and answers regarding areas such as criminal records and/or previous visa refusals must not be ignored. In turn, the unreliability between information may lead to consequences, resulting in misrepresentation and eventual ban from the entrance into Canada. Overall, the proper explanation must be provided to avoid negative investigation and possible consequences that will ultimately affect your future.

If these requirements are not met, the Immigration Sponsorship application may be refused and the applicant may appeal this decision.

Overall, to avoid unnecessary delays, complications, or any setbacks that may occur, proper legal representation is advised to ensure success in attaining Immigration Sponsorship from a loved one. If you, or anyone you know, requires legal help and/or guidance to achieve success in order to flow through this application process efficiently, contact our legal team via email or via telephone at (905) 370-0484 to receive the necessary help.

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