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Landlord and Tenant

Are you having a dispute with your Landlord or Tenant? Do you need help or have a question in regards to a specific issue?


We understand that disputes between the Landlords and Tenants and browsing through regulations Residential Tenancies Act can be very complex at times. The Act applies to all Landlords and Tenants within Ontario.


This includes all types of rental housing, ranging from high-rise apartments to family homes. We will handle your entire matter. We would also assist you with filing your application or during your hearing or preparation of your notices.


If you are in dispute with your Tenant or Landlord and would like to file an application with Landlord and Tenant Board call the Buzaker Law Firm at (905) 370-0484 for 30-minutes of free consultation. At Buzaker Law Firm we aim for success in serving you.

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