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New to the Condo Way of Life? Watch Out For These Common Rules!

New to the condominium way of life? Unsure of what rules you may need to abide by? If so, this article may be for you!

As a unit owner, you are required to abide by both the condominium act and the governing documents of the condominium corporation in which you inhabit. While the condominium act is stagnant for all condo associations, the governing documents for your specific association may differ depending on circumstances. There are however some common issues that these documents may address, as described below.


It would not be incorrect in assuming that you or your companions have been disturbed by some unnervingly loud sounds from the individuals next door at some point, causing lost sleep, irritation and maybe even some grey hair within your unit. This is described as a nuisance. The condominium act, as well as your governing documentation includes regulations on what are considered nuisances and punishments based on the severity and eligibility of your case. It also may describe what actions you must take if you experience such inconveniences. Nuisances do not only include noise, but also matters like odors, smoke & vapor, light, and noise & vibrations that disrupt the quality of life of the individuals around you.

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