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Canada Continues to Top Global Passport Rankings

Canada has once again secured itself atop the international passport rankings as one of the world’s strongest passports to have. According to The Passport Index created by Arton Capital, Canada is tied for 6th place among 93 rankings and the 199 countries surveyed.

The release of the Global Passport Power Rank solidifies the Canadian passport’s strength in the world. As previously mentioned, the survey is based on the total amount of countries that Canadian passport holders can enter without first obtaining a visa. This is known as the “Visa-Free Score”. Canadian passport holders can currently enter 154 countries either visa-free or be granted a visa on arrival, making it one of the most powerful passports in the world.

The strength of the Canadian passport is just icing on the cake for Canadian citizens. Not only are Canadian citizens able to travel worry-free to 154 countries, but they also enjoy the benefits of a strong universal health-care system, excellent quality of life, and a safe place to call home (not to mention the beavertails and poutine!). Permanent residents of Canada can attest to this, and now will see the further benefits of becoming citizens.

The fact that Canadian passport holders can enter 154 countries without first going through the hurdles of obtaining foreign visas is a huge incentive to become a Canadian citizen. The fact that Canada has received such a high ranking demonstrates Canada’s strong perception across international boundaries. This is because of our positive diplomatic relations and overall very positive reception across the world.

Ultimately, Canadian passport holders have one of the strongest passports in the world with no indication that it’s current strength is at any risk. Contact us at Buzaker Law Firm at any time to assist you with immigrating to our wonderful country, or if you are already here as a Permanent Resident, we would be happy to assist you with the citizenship process.

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