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The International Experience in Canada - "IEC"

Updated: Mar 20

International Experience Canada

If you wish to travel and work in Canada or get the valuable experience as a young professional in Canada this program is for you. International Experience Canada also known as (IEC) allows you the ability to work and travel in Canada. Applying for IEC, Canada has administered several temporary restrictions including travel, to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Even with those restrictions you are still able to travel to Canada under IEC only if you have a current valid job offer.


The participation in this program defined by the country or territory that must have an agreement with Canada that permits you to apply for an IEC work permit. You also have the alternative of using a recognized organization (RO). For application, you also need to meet all the eligibility requirements for your country or territory of citizenship and the applications pool you are applying for. Some countries only allow you to participate once while others allow you to participate twice but in different application pools. Because all countries have different guidelines, you must check them in advance before applying. Make sure you read in advance and understand all the requirements before you apply.