last will and testament document


Estate Planning

Planning for a will is for all people, regardless of age and value of the estate. Wills are important, especially for those with minor children, with specific assets such as a business, or for blended family situations as well as for spouses in common-law relationships.
If a will is not in place and an unfortunate accident was to occur, your assets would be distributed according to the law and not as per your wishes. Decisions concerning minor children, custody and management of their assets would be determined by courts and other government settings which could mean for example that the person with custody may not be someone of your choosing. In addition, the estate would be kept in court for your loved ones to fight over for a long period of time, creating expense and delay for your estate and beneficiaries. These are some of the many reasons why it is so important to have a Will.
The costs associated with setting up a will by a lawyer seem insignificant compared to the thousands of dollars that will have to be paid out of your estate (leaving less or nothing for your beneficiaries) in case there is a dispute or if wishes in your will require are unclear.
It is important that an experienced wills and estate lawyer is by your side to review all details that are essential in establishing enforceable wills, powers of attorney and other related documents. At Buzaker Law Firm, we take great pride in creating solid estate plans that are goal-oriented and personalized.

Estate Administration Services

Have you been named an executor of a will and need help with administering the estate of a deceased, such as obtaining probate?
Did a loved one die without a will and do you require assistance becoming the executor or have questions as a beneficiary of the estate?
We can help you with the process, such as payment of debts, asset distribution to beneficiaries as well as the final stages of closing the estate.
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