Study in Canada

Those who desire to come to Canada to study for an extended period require a Study Permit.

Study Permit Requirements 

Applicants must be accepted as International Students to the Designated Learning Institute, meaning an educational institution that is approved by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. Once the applicant obtains the acceptance letter, the application for a Study permit needs to be submitted to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. Sometimes the original Study permit needs to be extended. In this case, an application for the Study permit extension needs to be submitted before the original permit expires.

Canadian degree

Students who obtain a Study Permit have a greater advantage as they will be able to obtain a Canadian degree in addition to the educational credentials they have received in their home country.

Moreover, students who come to Canada with a Study Permit, in specified periods during the year, are also allowed to work in Canada without applying for a separate Work Permit. Please note, not all study permits allow the applicant to work.

Canadian work experience

Gaining Canadian work experience is not only a wonderful opportunity for students to put their acquired knowledge and skills to good use but also, it may additionally benefit those who seek to permanently immigrate to Canada. Being employed by a Canadian employer for a specified period works as an advantage when applicants are ranked in the Express Entry program that is required to obtain permanent residency in Canada.

Study program conditions

 While completing the study permit application the applicant needs to be aware of the study program conditions and complete the application with a high level of accuracy attaching all the required documents. In addition, some Canadian visa offices have additional requirements for the study permit applicants and these requirements need to be completed as well.

It is advisable that this application also will be prepared by a professional to fulfill all the requested information. Our legal team will be glad to assist you with this process.

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