PR card, PR card renewal and residency obligation

Why is it important to have a valid PR card?

Permanent residents of Canada are holders of the PR card. This is very important to have a valid pr Card as if PR was issued the Permanent resident of Canada required to present a valid PR card upon entry or re-entry to Canada.

PR card expiration date

The PR card has an expiration date and is usually valid for 5 years since the issue date. This card can be extended once expired.

PR extension 

The PR will be extended based on compliance with the residency obligation for Permanent Residency. You can apply for the PR card renewal a couple of months in advance if you are planning to travel outside of Canada, for example.

Residency obligation Issue

The issue arises once the applicant does not meet the residency obligation for the Permanent Residence requirement; therefore, the calculation of the Physical Presence in Canada should be done correctly. Also, the process of PR card renewal is different if the applicant applies from outside of Canada.

PR status can be revoked

In case the application for PR card renewal be refused, the PR status can be revoked as well. This is a complex process and better to be done by a legal professional.

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