“To Offer or Not to Offer? That Is the Condition!” – Episode 2

We are thrilled to share our second podcast episode with you! In this episode, “To Offer or Not to Offer? That is the condition!”, we discuss different types of offers you can make when buying property, legal implications and advantages of each offer, what happens if you cannot go through with the deal, and much more. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an owner of multiple properties, this is equally important for all, so tune in!

Buzaker Law Firm – episode 1

Buzaker Law Firm is thrilled to share with you our very first episode of the new podcast series! In this podcast, we discuss the gradual return to work during COVID-19, necessary pandemic policies, and much more. If you are going back to work, reopening your business, or wondering how to make working remotely from home effective, you need to consider having proper policies in place.