New Year New Policies

As of the New Year, on January 1, 2021, new workplace regulations were implemented throughout all federally regulated provinces. Through Bill C-65, the anti-harassment and violence legislation was introduced.

This new legislation has indefinitely promoted the importance of a safe workplace environment for all, ensuring to protect workers, while equally supporting employers under this widely recognized act. A big step forward for Canadians, this bill outlines many elements that must be newly implemented into all workplaces in federally regulated provinces. Whether a worker or employer, this may be something that affects your company, organization, business, and workplace rights. This includes elements that must be recognized given that incidents of violence and harassment occur, such as support for victimized employees, timeframes for resolutions to better support all parties involved, employer obligations, workplace committee regulations, and more.

With that said, it is crucial that workplaces alike that fall under federally regulated provinces are adapting to these new policies, as well as implementing them into their work policies accordingly. With this, it is advised that employers use professional legal advice to properly implement these new regulations in support of abiding by this new widely recognized legislation. Contact Buzaker Law Firm today for more information on how to update work policies accordingly, via telephone call at (905) 370-0484 or email at

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