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Buzaker Law Firm is thrilled to share with you our very own series of podcasts! On this page of our website, you will be able to tune into each of our podcast episodes and keep up with the latest news.

In the first episode of our podcast series, we discuss the gradual return to work, necessary pandemic policies, and much more. If you are going back to work, reopening your business or wondering how to make working from home effective, you need to consider having proper policies in place. For more information, tune into our first podcast that can be found at the link:

In the second episode of our podcast series, “To Offer or Not to Offer? That is the condition!”, we discuss different types of offers you can make when buying property, legal implications and advantages of each offer, what happens if you cannot go through with the deal, and much more. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an owner of multiple properties, this is equally important for all, so tune in! The second episode can be found at the following link:

For our next podcast, our team is excited to share with you the first one of five podcast episodes specifically dedicated to your business interests, questions and needs and made for everyone who always dreamt of starting a business or already has a business. In the first business episode, we explore what agreements and contracts you must have in place to make your business successful, how to bring your dream business idea to life and much more! You can listen to the first business episode at the following link:

In the second episode of business podcast series, we address crucial elements for success of a corporate business – one of the most popular and widespread business structures. In the second business episode, we explore DOs and DON’Ts that every business owner must be aware of, how to avoid business horror stories, why some corporate business fail, and much more.  Tune in to find out how to build a successful business as well as how to make sure that your existing business is protected. You can listen to the second business episode at the following link:

In the third episode of business podcast series, we have a special guest, a businessman, entrepreneur, and a successful franchisor, who sheds some light on the business structure of franchise, its pros and cons, shares some crucial tips and much much more. Stay tuned! You can listen to the second business episode at the following link:

We want our podcasts to be both informative and helpful for you! Our team would love to hear about podcast topics you are interested in –  we would be happy to accommodate your requests. Ideas and suggestions can be sent to Stay tuned!



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