New Business: Is Franchise Structure Ideal for You?

how to find the right franchise structure for you

Most of our daily lives involve coming into contact with franchise businesses: world-famous fast-food restaurants, international companies and agencies. But what is a franchise relationship?

When you decide to take on a franchise business model, there are several aspects to it. First of all, as a business owner who wishes to enrich and expand their business, you may wish to create a “franchise” for your business product and brand name. When you create a franchise, you enter into a business relationship with other parties who will purchase your “business license”. As a franchisor – the business owner who decides to expand – you will be “selling” the right to use your business name and idea. 

As a franchisee – or, as someone who will purchase the right to use someone else’s business name, idea and model – you may be benefitting from several business advantages. The reason why the franchise structure is so popular for business start-ups is because, as a franchisee, you will be able to use a structure and model of an already established business. Instead of  having  to spend your resources on developing a brand new structure, you will have those resources provided to you (for a price!).

While the franchise relationship is an attractive model, the key to its success is having appropriate assurances and agreements in place that protect all parties. Both franchisors and franchisees have a set of unique rights and obligations. In order to establish those rights and obligations, it is recommended that legal advice is obtained in advance. It is further recommended that proper agreements are drafted and put in place to avoid the business relationship from decaying. Buzaker Law Firm is happy to assist you with any questions you may have about the franchise business model. To have your questions answered, you can call us at 905-370-0484 or email at



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