IMPAIRED DRIVING: Insurance Consequences

man being impaired behind the wheel

Driving impaired by alcohol or drugs is a very serious criminal offence that can lead to significant repercussions.
Aside from possible severe penalties in the criminal context, driving while intoxicated can lead to serious insurance consequences. Let’s take a closer look at the most common ones: – Statutory Accident Benefits (SABs): access to benefits in case of driving under influence will be usually limited. For example, impaired driving offenders will often not be able to recover Income Replacement Benefits. – Tort action: where the impaired driver is also found to be at fault for an accident, he/ she might be facing a tort action pursued by the accident victims. Although the impaired driver is not always the one at fault, driver’s impairment will definitely play a role in determining liability. – Property damages: impaired driving offenders will often not be able to recover damages caused to their vehicle as a result of an accident. – Increase in the insurance premiums: generally, drivers convicted of impaired driving will face significant increase in their insurance rates.

If you were involved in an impaired driving accident, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who will assist you to get the compensation you deserve.
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