Another great option for business owners who either want to remain in their home country and are simply looking to expand their business into Canada, or want to immigrate to Canada themselves is the ICT Program. The ICT Program allows a business owner to transfer their key employees to a newly incorporated company in Canada. This program is also a perfect option for a small business owner looking to immigrate to Canada as the company’s key employee. This makes the ICT program a perfect program for any business owner eyeing expansion into the Canadian market. 

Work permits that are obtained via this program are not subject to the demand to get a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) but are subject for some restrictions.

For example, to have at least a year of full-time work exposure with the foreign company and be coming to Canada to perform similar tasks for the Canadian affiliate.

The work in Canada must be under one of these three following sections :

Executive – primarily responsible for directing the management

Senior managerial – topmost levels of management in an organization

Specialized Knowledge – employee that demonstrates distinguishing knowledge

Our Law Firm has extensive experience handling Corporate Law cases and immigration cases in Canada. Thus, this experience allows us to apply the knowledge while assisting clients in coming to Canada through the Business Immigration programs as well. We provide a high level of service tailored to our client’s business needs. While assisting clients with opening a new Canadian company we make sure that the new Canadian company incorporated according to the ICT program requirements and in a timely and correct way. After that, we work in collaboration with our client to obtain all the required documents for the Immigration application submission. Once the Immigration application approved, we accompany our clients all the way to success and continue to provide a wide spectrum of legal services in Canada.

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