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With the investment of CAD$800,000 for five years, an immigrate investor and his or her immediate family can obtain Canadian immigration permanent resident with the government of Canada. Applicants are required to live in a Canadian province or territory aside from Quebec.
The government guarantees that your investment will be reimbursed and in full too at the end of five years. It does not attract any interest so none is paid.
The table below summarizes the eligibility requirements for the Federal Immigrant Investor Program.
The eligibility requirements are as follows for the Federal Immigrant Investor Program
  • Criteria
  • Requirements
  • Proposed destination
  • Anywhere in Canada aside from Quebec
  • Minimum net worth
  • legally obtained CAD $1.6 million
  • Management and/or
  • Management Experience
  • Management and ownership of a qualifying business, as stipulated under the Regulations, or with 5 employees in a business.
  • Investment
  • CAD $800,000 for 5 year period, with 0% Government interest. Financing is from Canadian banks
  • Miscellaneous
  • Medical examination and also including a security background check
When making your investment under this program, you can choose one of two options:
CAD$800,000 investment
Meeting the investment requires an applicant may decide to choose to make a guaranteed- investment of CAD$800,000 of his or her fund with the government of Canada. The funds are in government’s custody for a period of 5-years after which they are returned with 0% interest
A financing fee Payment
Rather than deposit CAD$800,000, the applicant may decide to pay a one-time financing fee to the approved financial institution by the government. This fee is not returned to the applicant but invested with the government on the applicant’s behalf.