Immigration forms and what the applicant needs to be aware of while completing these forms.

Most Canadian immigration programs are designed to be processed by the way of either paper or electronic immigration applications, which combined from the immigration forms and supporting documents. Almost every immigration program has a guide on the IRCC website. This guide contains the instructions, forms, and checklist for the application. Also, sometimes these guides include special instructions for the documents that have been issued in different countries and additional forms that the applicant needs to complete depending on the country of citizenship or the visa office. It is highly important to complete correct information in these forms, sign the forms properly and attach all the requested information and documents.

Even though all the immigration forms are different, some questions are similar.  For example, all the immigration forms, for temporary statuses such as visitor, work or study permit or permanent status, include background check questions. These questions need to be completed with a high level of accuracy and the explanations need to be provided if necessary. For instance, some people do not remember or do not think it is important to mention certain information but in fact, hiding or not providing this information can be crucial for the entire application.

Eventually, if information in the form has not been completed properly, the applicant can be found inadmissible to Canada due to misrepresentation and barred to enter Canada. In this case, the applicant will first be given the opportunity to respond and clarify the accusations, which usually will be set out in a Procedural Fairness Letter. After that, the Immigration officer will review the applicant’s response and the decision will be made in this case. To avoid this situation and delays in the application process, the application forms need to be completed properly and, in some cases, it is better to be done by a legal professional.

Moreover, in case that the form was not completed and signed properly with all the supporting documents, the application will be returned without processing. If the applicant’s status in Canada or the status extension is depending on the date that the IRCC received the application, the applicant will lose the status if the application returns.

The supporting documents are particularly an important part of the Immigration application. All the required documents need to be attached to the application. There are country-specific instructions for certain documents issued in different countries. These instructions also need to be compiled, so that the application will be accepted and processed. For example, the birth certificate from certain countries needs to be submitted with the original document and not a copy. Also, the date of issue of the certificate is important as well as the additional supporting documents that need to be provided. Some applications require a police certificate to be submitted. The police certificates should be issued by the designated organizations in the country of origin. Only valid and issued by the designated organization’s certificate will be accepted by IRCC for processing.

There is a lot to handle for the person who decided to Immigrate to a different country. The important decisions need to be made, so life-changing movements will succeed. It is important to delegate the work that should be done by professionals who will lead the legal part of the immigration process to succeed. That will give you more time and sources to deal with the most important for your family.

At Buzaker law firm we are always approachable. We know how to present your information correctly and where to look for the information that you need to complete. Also, we have extensive experience with immigration applications and know how to make sure the application is completed, signed properly, and staffed with all the required proper supporting documents. We are there for you and we will make sure that you will stay as much worry-free as possible from the beginning and all the way to your new life.

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