I Want My Rental Deposit Back: What to Do?

how to get your rental deposit back
This new unprecedented era of the pandemic proved to be challenging for everyone across the community. The widespread loss of employment and other financial difficulties often causes uncertainty in many relationships, especially, in that of a landlord and tenant. Tensions in the landlord-tenant relationship may arise especially where the tenant wants to move out in light of the new circumstances. If you paid a security deposit when your tenancy started, your landlord is not allowed to keep that deposit to pay for damage to the rental apartment or for cleaning. The only reason why your landlord may use the deposit that you paid at the beginning of your relationship is to cover rent. But what do you do if you want to get your security deposit back if your landlord is wrongfully refusing to return it to you? Normally, the easiest way to receive your deposit back is not to make the normal rent payment for the last period before you move out of the rental property. You could either tell your landlord to use your deposit for the last month’s payment, plus any interest your landlord may owe you. If that amount is not enough, you could simply pay the difference. While this sounds rather straightforward, each relationship has its own caveats and complications. We are happy to provide you with legal advice on your rights as a landlord or a tenant. To book a consultation with Buzaker Law Firm’s team, email us at info@vblegal.ca or call 905-370-0484.


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