car committing hit and run crime

In a nutshell, a hit-and-run accident is when one vehicle strikes another vehicle or a pedestrian and then leaves the scene of the accident.

If you were involved in a hit-and-run accident in Ontario, we are here to make sure you know the main types of compensation you might be entitled to and understand who is liable to pay your damages.

MAIN TYPES OF COMPENSATION: – Statutory Accident Benefits (SABs) is a mandatory coverage included in all standard auto insurance policies in Ontario. SABs provide broad variety of benefits, such as medical, rehabilitation and income replacement benefits. – Tort Claim: covers a wide range of damages such as loss of income, health care expenses, out of pocket expenses and other losses. – Property Damage: covers vehicle repairs, rental and tow charges.

WHO WILL PAY YOUR DAMAGES? – Your own car insurance: Uninsured/Unidentified Motorist Coverage is an element of your mandatory car liability insurance. This coverage allows you to seek compensation for your damages from your own insurance company. Uninsured/Unidentified Motorist Coverage is limited to a maximum of $200,000.00 that will be shared in case of multiple claimants. – Family Protection Endorsement (OPCF 44R): optional non-mandatory insurance coverage that usually exceeds the $200,000 limit mentioned above. – The Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund (MVACF): established to serve Ontarians as the payer of last resort. The MVACF will step in only when no other insurance coverage is available.

As might be expected, the law regarding the hit-and-run accidents is complex and confusing. If you were injured in a hit-and-run accident, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer, who will assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve.

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