Family reunion Pilot Until September 8, 2021

A family reunion is one of the top priorities of the Canadian immigration policy. The 2-year pilot project (until September 8, 2021) was designed to help undeclared family members to reunite in Canada.

Which family members can not be sponsored?

While completing the immigration forms, the applicant must declare properly all his family members. All family members, accompanying or not, will have been examined before the applicant becomes a permanent resident. That means all family members, as per IRCC definitions, need to have criminal and security checks, and a medical exam. If the applicant failes to declare, his undeclared family members can not be sponsored by the applicant and will be barred from entering Canada.

Examples of the family members can not be sponsored.

For example, a child from a previous marriage wasn`t declared in the application due to lack of information or refusal to provide this information from the custodian. This child now wishes to come to Canada and live with his other parent, but he cannot be sponsored because his other parent  did not declare him in a sponsorship application.

Eligibility criteria – You may qualify.

It is important to mention that this program has limited the eligibility only for a resettled refugee, or persons who had been granted refugee protection in Canada or sponsored as a close family member.

Additional eligibility requirements – this family member, if declared and examined at the time their sponsor applies for a permanent residency in Canada, will not make their sponsor ineligible.

What else important to know?

In addition, the applicant needs to understand that all family members that the applicant wishes to sponsor must still meet all the eligibility requirements and prove they are admissible to Canada. The family members need to pass the criminal and security checks, and a medical examination. Otherwise, admissibility of the sponsor might become questionable.

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