Contract Job Gone Wrong: What to do?

what to do if contract job gone wrong

Imagine you bought your dream house and to finalize your vision of a perfect home, you hire a contractor and their team to carry out renovations to the porch, driveway, backyard and the roof. You pay a deposit of more than half of the final bill of the renovations team and you are promised that in three weeks, the job will be completed to your satisfaction. However, the contractor you hired becomes increasingly uncooperative and even rude, fails to show up on the agreed days, and two months later your house and surrounding property are in a chaotic state and far from being complete. You demand that the contractor produces the work, but he laughs in your face. You have tried and negotiated with the contractor, but he is refusing to finish work and is not returning your money. What to do?

Depending on your specific circumstances, if the compensation you are seeking is $35,000.00 or less, you can take your claim to a Small Claims Court. The Small Claims Court provides for a simplified and more expedited way of resolving disputes under the said financial threshold. What happens once you bring a claim in order to get your compensation?

The result will depend on the determination of several facts. Was there a valid contract between you and the contractor when you hired him and agreed upon the renovations? If so, was this contract broken – or “breached” – by the contractor by his failure to perform his obligations, failure to finish the work on time, or not completing the work to your satisfaction? Finally, what was the harm done to you – or, what are your damages and monetary losses suffered?

While going to the Small Claims Court might get you your money back and compensation that you deserve, it is strongly recommended that you obtain proper legal advice to help you navigate through the court system and prepare your claim. To book a consultation with Buzaker Law Firm’s team in regards to any Small Claims Court issues, you can email us at or call 905-370-0484.



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