When buying or selling a business in Ontario, you will need superb legal guidance from a reputable and experienced corporate lawyer who will help you complete the transaction and ensure that everything is done in the manner prescribed by law. At Buzaker Law Firm, we offer solid representation to our esteemed customers, helping on aspects that are beyond the transaction aspect of the sale. Our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers ensure that the business that is the subject of the agreement is investigated. Our team also ensure that a thorough investigation of the owners and proposed buyer’s status is duly investigated. This results in an efficient transfer of the business from the owners to the buyers.

We Exercise Due Diligence

As your corporate lawyer, one of our roles is to carry out a detailed assessment of the proposed sale transaction. If you are interested in buying a business, we will exercise due diligence and investigate the business structure and its ownership. Whether the business is a corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership or any other, which affects how the sale is to be carried out, and the nature of your responsibilities, you can trust our team of an experienced and knowledgeable corporate lawyer to provide you with solid legal advice.

We Have Your Interests At Heart

If you want to complete a business succession plan, or in simple terms selling your enterprise, our legal team can assist you to complete the transaction in an amicable manner. While doing this, our lawyers will ensure that your legal interests are well taken care of.

Our Business Lawyers Establish The Subjects Of The Business Sale

Whether you are a business buyer or seller, we help in establishing the subjects of the business purchase such as the assets that are being sold or the business as a whole and provide advice on any unique contractual agreements. We are cognizant of the fact that businesses such as franchise have a complex set of legal issues that should be taken into account.
At Buzaker Law Firm, we prepared to assist you during your early stages of succession planning. Alternatively, if you have a buyer or seller in mind, we encourage you to talk to us and learn how better we can help you buy or sell your business smoothly.

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