man signing legal document

Beware: Power of Minute Book

There are many components to your business success. If your business is incorporated, keeping a corporate minute book is a must. But why should you

inventory of estate assets form

Probate and Estate Administration

There are several important factors to know about Probate and Estate Administration: 1. Probate is the process whereby the court grants legal authority to act as

marriage contract and rings

Importance of Marriage Contracts

When two parties get married in Ontario, the law treats their marriage as an equal economic partnership. According to Ontario family laws, the value of

joint tenancy agreement

Joint Tenancy and Tenancy in Common

There are various ways for two people to “co-own” a property. The type of co-ownership determines individual legal rights of each owner of the property

man being impaired behind the wheel

IMPAIRED DRIVING: Insurance Consequences

Driving impaired by alcohol or drugs is a very serious criminal offence that can lead to significant repercussions. Aside from possible severe penalties in the

car committing hit and run crime


In a nutshell, a hit-and-run accident is when one vehicle strikes another vehicle or a pedestrian and then leaves the scene of the accident. If