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New Podcast Series

Buzaker Law Firm is thrilled to share with you our very own series of podcasts! On this page of our website, you will be able

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Beware: Power of Minute Book

There are many components to your business success. If your business is incorporated, keeping a corporate minute book is a must. But why should you

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Probate and Estate Administration

There are several important factors to know about Probate and Estate Administration: 1. Probate is the process whereby the court grants legal authority to act as

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Importance of Marriage Contracts

When two parties get married in Ontario, the law treats their marriage as an equal economic partnership. According to Ontario family laws, the value of

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Joint Tenancy and Tenancy in Common

There are various ways for two people to “co-own” a property. The type of co-ownership determines individual legal rights of each owner of the property