Notarial services

How does the notarization and documents certification works and when it is needed? What is a notary and what services do they provide? The main

The Will – Recent amendment

Recent amendment to the Ontario’s Succession Law Reform Act 2021 The recent regulations to the amendment were made regarding the asset’s distribution in cases where

Guarantee and Guarantors

In our previous blog “Loan Agreement – overview and tips” we have mentioned the guarantee and guarantors as an instrument to secure the repayment of

Loan Agreement – overview and tips

Lending money for interest is in most cases a profitable investment. However, like any other type of investment, it is, unfortunately, not deprived of a

Title Insurance pros and cons

Those who have ever bought a real estate property may have heard of the term “Title Insurance”. What is this? Is it necessary? Why? Some

Temporary resident permits (TRP)

Temporary resident permits (TRP) The individuals who do not meet the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) or who are inadmissible under the IRPA