Newly built property purchase

What to do when buying a newly built house?

The first step in the process of becoming a homeowner is the signing of a Purchase and Sale Agreement. A real estate lawyer is a valuable resource especially when it comes to purchasing a newly built home. For example, real estate lawyers provide their clients with valuable information about their warranty rights and obligations before they sign the contract with a builder.

Power of Attorney for Personal Care

Is the Power of Attorney for Personal Care a “Must-have”? The Answer Is “YES”. What is a Power of Attorney (the “POA”)? A power of

Change your Will

What happens if you decide to change your will? If you have made a Will and a change has occurred in your life where a

Testamentary capacity Ontario

Testamentary capacity Ontario Testamentary capacity Testamentary capacity is an especially important topic when the validity of a will is called into question. There is no

International Experience Canada -IEC

International Experience Canada If you wish to travel and work in Canada or get the valuable experience as a young professional in Canada this program

Notarial services

How does the notarization and documents certification works and when it is needed? What is a notary and what services do they provide? The main

The Will – Recent amendment

Recent amendment to the Ontario’s Succession Law Reform Act 2021 The recent regulations to the amendment were made regarding the asset’s distribution in cases where